About Us
Welcome to Butiki Teas. We were dedicated to providing our customers with high quality specialty teas from around the world.

Located in Mercerville, New Jersey, Butiki Teas was established in 2008 by Stacy Lim. She started the company as an extension of her passion for tea. Butiki offerd nearly 200 fine teas. Each tea was sampled by Stacy to ensure quality, consistency, and superior flavor. Butiki Teas closed January 31, 2015.

About Our Name
The origin of the name Butiki Teas came from a trip to the Philippines in February of 2006. Butiki is the Tagalog word for lizard and is pronounced "boo-ti-key". Lizards are very common household guests in the Philippines and they quickly became the mascot of that trip. The butiki is a symbol of experiencing and learning about the different cultures of the world.

About Stacy Lim
My taste for tea started at an early age. As a child, I would frequently enjoy a cup of tea with my family. Tea has always been a significant part of my life, through all the challenges and all the accomplishments and celebrations. Naturally, I became interested in the variety of high quality teas and the very culture that encompasses tea. I was happy to share my passion and love of tea through Butiki Teas.