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Garage Sale

Please Read:

We are hosting an online garage sale on this page. Most items will be sold for $1-$5 each. The majority of items come from our personal collections and have been used; however, some items are inventory items that need to be cleared out. We will make a note if the item is new. Several of these items have more than 1 piece in stock. Items are nonrefundable.

If you would like to purchase an item, please email Please include your zip code and which item you would like to purchase, so that we may follow up with a shipping estimate. Once the price is agreed on, we will email you a PayPal invoice.

Medium Sized Glass Teapot
Holds 40oz of liquid.
Price: $3.00

Cupping Set
Price: $4.99

Tiny Occ. Japan Hand painted Cup
Holds 2-3oz of liquid.
Price: $1.50

White & Blue Cup Set
Price: $2.00

White Cup & Saucer
We have up to 6 of these. Also, if you like this design we have plates.
Price: $3.99

Green Lusterware Cup & Saucer
Made: Victoria, Czecho-Slovakia. We have up to 7 cups available. We have plates and other items from this set if interested.
Price: $3.99

8 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup
Very heavy & sturdy piece. We have 2 available.
Price: $4.99

We have a lot of tins.
Used Square Tins: $3.99
Used Small Stainless Steel: $4.99
Medium Stainless Steel: Sold out
New & Used Large Stainless Steel: $9.99

New Chinese Tea Jar
Our Chinese Jar originates from the Southern region of China.
Price: $4.99